Welcome to the Get Lost Inn family of cabins! Our story is rooted in the profound belief in the "experience of experiencing." Just like you, when I'm on vacation with my family, exploring new horizons, it's the act of immersing ourselves in the moment that truly inspires me. Observing my family interact with their surroundings, deeply engaging with nature on our outdoor adventures, has always been a source of inspiration. I believe it is often okay to GET LOST to truly find yourself through the experience.

It's not about the Instagram photos we post; it's about the immersive journey we embark upon. This perspective guides everything we do with our vacation rentals. We meticulously handcraft an "experience" for our guests because we know that it's the experiences, the stories, and the memories that truly resonate.

Have you ever scrolled through a friend's social media feed after their grand vacation? It's often filled with countless photos of sunsets and posed shots in front of famous landmarks. Yet, when you sit down with them and ask about their trip, it's rarely the pictures they speak of. Instead, they share captivating stories of their experiences – the local they shared a beer with, the time they got lost and found unexpected treasures off the beaten path, the rare animal sighting, the flavors of a local dish, or the humorous mishaps with a foreign language. These are the moments that leave an indelible mark.

We're committed to crafting similar experiences for our guests. Our cabins are not just places to stay; they're carefully curated spaces designed to create lasting memories. Depending on each cabin we've added thoughtful amenities like fishing poles, fire pits, BBQs, tetherball, and board games to help shape your experience. Our digital guidebook is your key to unlocking the local treasures, from trail maps to hidden fishing spots, rainy day activities, and recommendations for exploring the area like a true insider. We’ll even provide you with sample itineraries and meal suggestions to whip up your cabin rental!

Our goal is to set the stage for you, to provide the backdrop for moments that will stay with you forever. So, when you look back on your getaway with Get Lost Inn, it won't just be the photos you remember, but the incredible experiences and the stories that unfolded. Welcome to the Get Lost Inn family, where we're dedicated to helping you create memories that last a lifetime.

- Martin Crawford, Founder