Our Top 5 Favorite Hikes in Green Valley Lake

At 7,200 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains, Green Valley Lake is home to incredible hiking and mountain biking trails. The town is known as the Hidden Gem of the San Bernardino Mountains. You can enjoy the same stunning scenery as Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear but without the massive crowds of people. To make life easier on you, we put together our top 5 favorite hikes in Green Valley Lake. If you would like a downloadable PDF of the trails and map, feel free to sign up for our newsletter HERE.

Use this interactive map for locations and starting points. Remember to always practice hiking safety, no matter how short or calm a trail might be. Let someone at the cabin know which trail you’ll be on. Bring extra layers, plenty of water, and sunscreen. Most importantly, have a good time! If you need to buy some sports drinks to throw in the backpack, stop by the General Store during open hours.

Lake Trail Loop

Looking for a light and easy way to start your day? Well, the .5-mile loop trail around the Green Valley Lake shoreline is a wonderful way to spend the morning. No motorized boats are allowed on the water to disrupt the peaceful sounds of nature, and the trail is rarely crowded. Dogs are allowed, so be sure to bring your pups along!

When you finish your stroll around the lake, head across the street to Black Dog Shoppe to pick up some coffee and pastries.

Green Valley Lake Loop Trail
Green Valley Lake Loop Trail

Community Trail

Just off Edison Road, you’ll find the Community Trail. A great out-and-back route that is 1.5 miles each way. Once you reach the halfway point at the campground, stop to have a nice lunch in nature before making the trek back. The trail has some of the best sunset viewpoints, so consider planning your excursion in the late afternoon.

It’s a moderate to difficult hike, depending on your physical health. As always, make sure to bring lots of water and snacks.

Green Valley Lake Community Trail
Community Trail off Edison Road

Angeles Drive Cutoff Trail

For a calm hike through Green Valley Lake, make your way to the end of Angeles Drive. There you will find a short hike – 1 mile each way. It’s an easy route to get into nature and enjoy the views of the area.

You can link up with the Little Green Valley Trail along the Angeles Drive trail to extend the hike!

Little Green Valley Trail

Little Green Valley Trail is a popular hike that starts at the water tanks in the campground. It will lead you to a beautiful meadow covered in wildflowers. In the spring, you’ll even find a gently flowing creek. It’s a great trail to see everything the region has to offer.

The Green Valley Lake website classifies the route as difficult. It’s an out-and-back hike with a total distance of 3 miles. Be prepared for steep hills, so make sure to bring extra water.

Mountain Bike Loop

For anyone looking to take their bike for a spin, the 2-mile Mountain Bike Loop is a must-do trail. It begins at the campground, where you’ll need to ride up the paved road that connects you to Forest Service Road 2N13. You will be on your way from there!

Towards the end of the loop, you will hit the Green Valley Overlook. It’s a great place to soak in views of the incredible scenery.

If you are looking for more mountain biking trails in Green Valley Lake, check out this list!

Green Valley Overlook
Green Valley Overlook from 2N13

Where to Stay

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You can also camp during summer months at Recreation.gov HERE.

Here is a map of our top 5 favorite hikes in Green Valley Lake!

Green Valley Lake Trail Map
Green Valley Lake Trail Map