10 Rainy Day Ideas at the Cabin

Is the forecast predicting rain during your stay? Well, don’t you worry, because your Get Lost Inn cabin is the perfect place to get cozy and bond over games and laughs. We put together a list of our favorite rainy-day activities that guarantee a memorable experience. You’ll have so much fun that you might not even notice it has stopped raining!

Quick note: Rainy weather can cause poor driving conditions. We recommend you stock up on games, snacks, and other supplies before a rainstorm sweeps in!

Rainy Days in the Mountains

Jackbox Games

Have you ever heard of Jackbox games? It’s a nifty little gaming software that allows a group of people to play with each other via smartphones. All you need to do is purchase a game pack (usually about $20) on one of the supported devices (laptops work just fine) and cast it to the smart TV in your cabin. Everyone in your group can link up and play fun little games and challenges together. Read more about it here!

The Wiki Game

Ahh, the Wiki Game! Test your skills by navigating through hyperlinks on Wikipedia to land on a specific page. For example, everyone starts on the San Bernardino Mountains Wikipedia page and has to find a way to get to the Bermuda Triangle Wikipedia page. I should warn you: This game is addicting! You can come up with your own challenges or try to beat the daily challenge here!

Movie Night/Day

Some things just go better together, like movies and rainy days! On the way to the cabin, grab some drinks and snacks to get ready for a movie marathon. We stock our cabins with plenty of cozy blankets, so you’ll be ready for the ultimate viewing experience. If you’re missing friends or family back home, invite them to a “Netflix Party” and watch a film together!

Board Games and Cards

Rainy day or not, board and card games are one of our favorite pastimes. We keep a handful of board games to choose from in our cabins, but feel free to bring your favorites! Over at Get Lost Inn, we’re big Dutch Blitz fans! It’s a great little card game that’s easy to pick up. Buy your own HERE!

Card Games by the Fire

Make S’mores Around the Fireplace

Don’t think we’d let a bit of rain stop you from making s’mores at the cabin! Pick up supplies on your way up and sit around the indoor fireplace. If you want to feel like you’re outside, turn off the lights and put on a Sounds of Nature playlist. By your second s’mores, you’ll forget you’re even inside!

Smores and Hot Chocolate

Bake Goodies in the Kitchen

Your Get Lost Inn cabin has an oven for you to bake goodies! You’ll have no problem finding a box of your favorite brownie, cookie, or cake mix at one of the local stores. If you want to make your treats from scratch, you’ll find all the necessary cookware in the kitchen! There’s nothing better than filling up the room with the sweet smell of brownies while everyone is sitting around the table or fireplace playing games and sharing stories.

Check out our vacation meal ideas here! We included tons of delicious, easy-to-make recipes to inspire our guests!

Build a Fort with Pillows and Blankets

Are you traveling with kids and want to keep them entertained? Well, then, build a fort of pillows and blankets! You’ll find plenty of items to use in the cabin to create a little fortress. Once it’s built, bring in board games or a computer to watch a movie! Your kids will have an absolute blast, and you’ll have great memories to reflect back on.

If you’re an adult, don’t think you’re too old to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned fort! Being in the mountains is all about having fun and feeling like a kid again. So don’t hold back and put that fort up!

Paper Airplane Contest

Who’s up for a little competition? Pull out a few pieces of paper and see who can fly their paper airplane the farthest! Let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun when you get into it. You can raise the stakes by having the last-place person run out into the rain, or do any other funny little activity you can think of. At Get Lost Inn, we pride ourselves on our paper airplane throwing abilities!

Read a Good Book by the Fireplace

Whether it’s a day of rain or perfectly clear skies, your cabin is the perfect place to dive into a good book. Turn on the fireplace to set the mood, make a cup of tea or coffee, and snuggle up with a few blankets. Sometimes our lives can be so fast-paced we don’t have time to open that book we’ve been meaning to read. Well, now is your chance! It’s a nice way to recharge and disconnect for a while.

Play a Minute to Win It Game

We love playing Minute to Win It games at the Get Lost Inn cabins! If you’ve never heard of them, they’re just quick and easy games you can play with anyone of any age at any time! Some games actually have a minute time limit, but most are just fun activities that you can play with two people or in large groups. It’s guaranteed to liven up the day or night and get everyone laughing! Here’s a list over 200 Minute to Win It games!

Final Thoughts

Rainy days aren’t anything to stress about during your cabin stay. The good news is that California rarely has downpours that last for days and days, so you should still be able to sneak in some outdoor activities. Either way, spending your time in the cabin can be just as enjoyable as hiking the mountains. Try out some of these recommendations, and let us know some of your favorite ways to spend a rainy day indoors!