Sledding Options in the San Bernardino Mountains

When the snow starts falling, you know what that means: Sledding time! It’s one of those activities that just never gets old, no matter what age you are. Unlike snowboarding or skiing, no previous experience is required. Just plop yourself down on a sled and feel the cool wind hit your face as your slide down the hill.

We’ve been hosting vacation guests in the San Bernardino Mountains for a long time and know the best sledding spots in the area! As long you don’t tell anyone, we’ll share our secret spots and popular hills to slide down. Let’s go!

Check our Interactive Map to find all the sledding spots listed below.

Our Favorite Sledding Spots:

Secret “Ski Hill” in Green Valley Lake

In Greek Valley Lake, there’s an old, abandoned ski resort that makes for a perfect sledding spot There’s no parking at the Ski Hill, but you can park in the overflow lot near the lake or your Get Lost Inn cabin–just a minute or two walk away. Get ready for some great sledding!

Big Bear Snow Play

Over at Big Bear Snow Play, you can spend the morning or afternoon tubing down hills! The facility adds man-made snow to the hills to ensure there’s plenty of powder for the ultimate experience. If you’ve never gone tubing before, we highly recommend it. The fabric of the tubes allows for maximum speed, but don’t worry! It’s a safe activity for the whole gang to do.

On sunny days, you won’t need heavy-duty snow jackets and pants, but it’s not uncommon to roll into the snow, so you might want to wear something waterproof or at least water-resistant.

Snowdrift Tubing Park

If you’re staying closer to Green Valley Lake and don’t want to make the drive to Big Bear for a tubing experience, head on over to Snowdrift Tubing Park! It’s southern California’s oldest and largest tubing park, so you can expect to have a great time. The park has slopes for beginner, intermediate, or advanced tubers. It’s a blast! Keep in mind that you will need to pay for parking.

Snowdrift Tubing
Photo by Only in Your State

Green Valley Lake Campground

Ready for another one of our best-kept secrets? The Green Valley Lake Campground is closed during the winter, but you can find some great sledding there. All around the area, there are long, gentle runs for you to glide down. Make use of the picnic tables and spend some time in the lovely area before heading out. You’ll find some great hiking trails nearby as well.

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

For a full morning or afternoon of fun, check out Magic Mountain in Big Bear! You can buy passes to take a ride or two down the region-famous alpine slide. The site also has an awesome snow tubing area and a snack bar to grab food and drinks. As long as the weather holds up, you can play minigolf, go go-karting, or take a ride through the mountains on the Soaring Eagle (ski lift). It’s a great place to bring the whole fam and keep the kids entertained.

Aspen Glen Picnic Area

Just outside of the village in Big Bear is the Aspen Glen Picnic Area. In the winter, you’ll find some tip-top sledding slopes in a drop-dead gorgeous park. Set up a little homebase at the picnic area and go search for the best hills. You can even bring some grub to grill up on the BBQ and make a full day out of the activity. Accessing the picnic area does require a Forest Adventure Pass, which you can access here–it only costs $5 for a day pass or $30 for an annual pass.

Things to Know Before Sledding

Before you load up the car and head out on your sledding adventure, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We recommend grabbing a Forest Adventure Pass to ensure you have access to everything in the San Bernardino Mountains. Once you have it, no one can stop you from finding the best sledding spots!
  • Parking in the mountains can get a little tricky. Make sure to completely pull off the pavement and not block snowplows from clearing the road or other cars. No one needs to get a ticket on their vacation.
  • Sledding is a safe activity, but ice is very slippery and sometimes steering just isn’t possible. So, when you’re choosing a hill to slide down, always pick one that leads you away from traffic, not towards it.
  • The San Bernardino Mountains have beautiful lakes to visit in the winter, but please stay off them. They do freeze over, but the ice isn’t thick enough for anyone to walk on (including children). Falling through the ice can be a dangerous situation.

Take a Break from Sledding at Santa’s Village

We love sledding, but after multiple days of sliding down hills, you’ll probably want a break from it. So, when you’re ready to try something different, take a trip to Santa’s Village to experience a winter wonderland! The village has ice skating, rock climbing, an archery range, and much more. The kids will love it, and adults can enjoy the festive atmosphere! Learn more about Santa’s Village here.

Final Sledding Thoughts

The snow opens up a whole world of outdoor activities, and we consider sledding to be one of our favorites. Your Get Lost Inn cabin will put you right in the center of some of the region’s best sledding hills, and it’s a fun way to get outside and soak in the winter season. Let us know if you have any questions about sledding spots; we’re happy to assist in any way. Safe sledding!